The Little Book of Feminist Saints (★★★★★)

Little Book of Feminist Saints

Julia Pierpont   *   Random House   *   March 6, 2018   *   208 Pages

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This is a short and concise book that highlights important women over the years. There is a crazy range of personalities in here, from all different countries, religions, areas of expertise, and time periods.

Featured women are artists like Yayoi Kusama (who used art as a way to process her hallucinations), actresses like Bea Arthur (who embraced her deep voice and tall stature to portray tough, no-nonsense women), explorers like Amelia Earhart (whose strong independence helped her become the first woman to make a transatlantic flight), activists like Dolores Huerta (who helped found the United Farm Workers union with Cesar Chavez), journalists like Nellie Bly (who posed as an insane person so she could expose the horrible conditions of mental institutions), and writers like Maya Angelou (who used words as a way to cope with rape and other traumatic experiences in her life).

The write-ups on each woman are short but personal. These aren’t one-page obituary-like essays that report birth, death, and major career milestones. Instead, author Julia Pierpont shares one or two specific stories about each woman, little vignettes that actually get at the humanity, the real core, of the woman featured. It’s an interesting format, and the book is educational, yes, but also extremely genuine and revealing. Ultimately, I ended up absolutely loving this one.

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

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