The CEO Next Door (★★★★★)

CEO Next Door

Elena Botelho & Kim Powell   *   Currency   *   March 6, 2018   *   288 Pages

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Holy smokes, this book is packed with good information. I’m not looking to become CEO of anything, but I learned a bunch about leadership just the same.

The book is divided into three sections: preparing yourself for the job, getting hired for the job, and succeeding at the job. The sections are further divided into chapters, and then the chapters are divided into very clear and succinct snippets of advice. So in Section 1, you learn how important it is to make decisions faster, build relationships through everyday routine, and be reliable. In Section 2, you learn to use disasters to your advantage, make yourself visible to the right people, and make yourself memorable. In Section 3, you learn how to troubleshoot common issues, build the right team, and manage your time and energy in the most efficient way possible.

There are so many tidbits that I found useful in this book. I really liked the section in the beginning about common misconceptions about CEOs (No, they aren’t all extroverted. No, they weren’t destined for greatness from a young age. No, they don’t all come from Ivy League schools.)

I liked the section on giving an effective apology.

I was surprised by how important reliability is; even when CEOs didn’t get something right, just showing up day in, day out helped them be good leaders.

I was comforted by the fact that so many successful CEOs have NOT gotten everything right the first time around. Many have faced disasters and responded poorly, but then learned from the experience and grown stronger. Persistence and reliability seem to go a long way in leadership roles…

In short, I loved this book. It’s engaging and very useful, even to people not in the business world.

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

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          1. If you would like, I could have a copy sent to you. No need to even review it. I don’t consider myself an author at all. I just wanted to document some things I observed or learned over the years, plus tell a few jokes


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