February Recap!

Monthly Recap Feb 2018

Apparently, when I tell myself that reading is a fun little side hobby of mine (instead of something I have to do), I enjoy it more and end up reading a shitload of books…

I read seven this month:  Heartwork, Awaken the Giant Within, Stalking God, But What If We’re Wrong, The Less Is More Garden, House Jungle, and Land of Hidden Fires. I only just finished Awaken the Giant Within, even though it was my January TBR Pile Challenge 2018 book. In fact, it took me so long to finish that book (and, I’ll be honest, I was also finishing Kristin Hannah’s new book, the oh-so-good The Great Alone) that I forgot to read a TBR Challenge book for February. So, oops. I’ll have to read two this month.

Mostly, I’m just happy it’s March. Warmer weather is coming, and I’m already dreaming ahead. The tulips will be blooming soon. I’m planning what veggies to plant in my kid’s school garden. The bikes are coming out. I see more people walking along the sidewalks and playing in the parks. The worst of winter is almost over, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ve got some good books waiting to be read, too.

By the Book

Eight Mountains

In other news, I found THE CUTEST little book shop that is five minutes away from me. #swoon

Book Stall

Book Stall 2

And now my life is complete.

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