January Recap!

Monthly Recap Jan 2018

Man, I’m happy right now. I just got back from a trip to California that was so, so good. I got to hang out with friends and see family. I even met my younger brother for the first time in my life. (!) I didn’t have any kids with me, so I was completely free. I slept in, stayed out late, ate good food, drank good wine, and generally just reveled in the feeling of being responsible to and for NO ONE. It was glorious.


I was able to read a lot this month, too. I’m still making my way through Awaken the Giant Within (find part one of my review here). I’m learning so much from the book, and I’ve even been able to help my kids (my oldest, in particular) process through some of their strong feelings using the techniques I’ve learned. It’s been really helpful.

Other books I read this month are The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Sensation. I enjoyed all of them.

I also (finally) posted my favorite books of 2017.

I’m really working hard on reading and reviewing my (embarrassingly) overdue ARCs from NetGalley and Amazon Vine. I doubt I’ll be able to get to all of them, especially since I still have a ways to go with Awaken the Giant Within, but I’m most looking forward to reading The Music Shop, The Less Is More Garden, and The Great Alone. Oh, and finishing Anna Quindlen’s newest (out in March), called Alternate Side. (Swoon… #girlcrush)

It sure feels good to feel good. I know I’m high off my week of relaxation, but I think 2018 is going to be a magical year. Happy reading, everyone. 😀



4 thoughts

  1. Wow, how exciting to meet your brother for the first time. Glad to hear you had a lovely, peaceful vacation away from chilly Chicago!

    Despite my currently cruddy roommate situation, I also have quite a good feeling about 2018. Very excited to see how it pans out!

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    1. Thank you! I’m still kind of in shock that we actually met, ha. It was a really good experience, though. And now I really wish I were still in California–Chicago is supposed to get something like 8 to 14 inches of snow tonight. 😭

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