Sensation (★★★★★)


Isabel Losada   *   Watkins Publishing   *   September 19, 2017   *   276 Pages

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Isabel Losada has written a bunch of other memoir-style books, including For Tibet, with Love and The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment. Even though she’s (apparently) a popular author, Sensation was actually the first book I’ve read from her. Holy smokes, I LOVED it. Losada goes to all these kinda crazy sex workshops, and visits doctors and teachers and gurus to learn about female anatomy and sexuality. She’s very open about her experiences and feelings—and though she keeps the name of her boyfriend confidential (referring to him only as T), she’s also very honest about how all of this affects him and their relationship, too.

For example, Losada focuses a lot of attention on OM workshops, where, no joke, women go to have a partner rub their clitoris for two 15-minute sessions. The first session is with a partner the woman came with (usually a significant other), but the second 15-minute session is with a stranger. The point of each session isn’t to have or give an orgasm. It’s really more about feeling the sensation of being touched. But the whole process is “out there,” for sure—especially when you consider that Losada does this with her boyfriend. I don’t know that I would ever have the guts to have a stranger rub my vag for 15 minutes, but it sure is entertaining reading about someone else doing it.

Ultimately, I surprised myself by learning a lot from this book. I’m definitely not going to slack on my Kegel exercises from now on, I can tell you that… But even more important, I loved how Sensation celebrates a woman’s sexual experience. The book reminds me that a woman’s body deserves attention and love, compliments and gratitude, patience and adoration. It makes me thankful for my body, for all it has done and for all the joy it brings me. When I finished the book I just felt really, really happy to be a woman. What a nice feeling, you know?

Advanced Reader Copy provided by publisher through Net Galley.

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