October Books!

Monthly Recap 2017.10

What a month! I wish I had exciting details to report, but it wasn’t that exciting. Just kinda busy and stressful with kid stuff. I’m glad it’s done. One exciting thing though… My husband and I had THE BEST Halloween costumes this year. Can you guess who we are?


As for books, just two this month:

Mrs. Fletcher

Garden Renovation

I liked them both, so I’m happy. I actually finished more books in October but never got around to writing reviews. Amazingly, I loved these two other books, too—even though they aren’t exactly chipper. Am I alone in noticing that many books lately seem to share a common theme of disillusionment and despondency? There’ve been lots of innocent and optimistic main characters who have awful things happen to them. (Or maybe I’m just drawn to these stories?)

It’s in the air, though, right? And, honestly, I blame Trump. Not just because I despise him, but also because he is such a loose cannon. No one, not even his supporters, know what he’s going to do next, and I think we’re all on edge and nervous. Well, I know we are. I just saw an article on Jezebel talking about how, according to the American Psychological Association, 73% of Democrats, 56% of Republicans, and 59% of Independents are anxious about the future of our country. That worry now tops the list of things Americans are freaked out about.


It’s nuts. And exhausting. Like so many others, I’m counting down the days until it’s all over. (Unless, God forbid, oy…)


But assuming he doesn’t get a second term (and assuming he makes it through his first term) we have 3 years, 2 months and 17 days left…

Stay strong, people. Stay strong.

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  1. I hope November is a better month for you! I feel you on the Trump thing. He and our president here in the Philippines are basically cut from the same cloth, I believe. It’s definitely frustrating, and sometimes, the future seems really bleak. But hang in there!

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    1. I’ve seen all the human rights stuff going on in the Philippines right now, yikes—though Trump didn’t seem to care too much about it on his recent visit there… It’s true, though. Sometimes things do look bleak, but you just have to keep on keeping on. At least we know we aren’t alone in feeling the way we do! Sending you good vibes. 🙂

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    1. I know it…it’s depressing, ugh. All I can think is I’m just going to try to do little things in my everyday routine to add a little positivity to the world. Be kind, pick up a piece of trash, smile at someone… When the big stuff feels too big, just focus small, I guess.

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