Big Impact Landscaping (★★★☆☆)

Big Impact Landscaping

Sara Bendrick   *   Page Street Publishing   *   March 14, 2017   *   192 Pages

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I didn’t realize that author Sara Bendrick has her own show on DIY network–but I wish I would have, because I would have been better prepared for what this book offers. I was expecting Big Impact Landscaping to be more about softscape ideas and inspiration (like plants and flowers and color schemes), but it’s actually very focused on hardscape projects.

Bendrick offers lots of guidelines for working with stone, wood, and outdoor structures, and she gives step-by-step instructions for projects like installing outdoor kitchen cabinets, building a fire pit, and assembling a water feature, among others. As someone who isn’t familiar with construction, I have no idea if her instructions are comprehensive enough to actually build these things, but I know that I, personally, wouldn’t be able to do this stuff just based on the short instructions in this book.

I did enjoy some sections, though. I liked the part on overhead structures. Bendrick has some good ideas for structure styling and added amenities (like lights, space heaters, misters, and fans) that I hadn’t thought of. I also liked some of the smaller DIY projects in the back of the book, like the mosaic table top.

Still, Big Impact Landscaping disappointed me. It just wasn’t what I was looking for or expecting. And, unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s even much of an audience for a resource like this. Most people who need to put together an outdoor kitchen probably aren’t going to seek out the two pages of brief and basic instructions in this book, you know? But I did find a few ideas that I liked, so it wasn’t a total loss. And maybe fans of Bendrick’s show will appreciate the book more than I did.

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

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