June Books Recap

Man, what happened? I was on such a book reading role, and then everything stalled out in June. I still have five books that I was supposed to review last month that I haven’t even started, yikes. But even worse, the books I did read weren’t all that great. Links to my reviews are below, but I had zero favorites this month. Sad face emoji.

Cooking for Jeffrey


Confessions of a Domestic Failure

Standard Deviation



In addition to book reviews, I also posted last month about going to Printer’s Row Lit Fest, which was fun. And at the very end of the month, I snuck in a nice little post about panic attacks and childhood trauma. So you’re welcome.

Otherwise, though, this month has been all about trying to relax and take life as it comes. My kids have finally become normal again after getting out of school. We’re settling into our summer routine:  sleeping in, beach, park, pool, Botanic Garden. It’s nice. With all the summer activities, though, reading has moved to the back burner. I went from being seven books ahead in reaching my Goodreads challenge goal (I’m trying to read 100 books this year) to being 2 books ahead. So phooey on that, but oh well. The weather is nice, and we are enjoying spending every minute outside that we can.


Hope everyone has a good Fourth and a relaxing July! 🙂


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