Printer’s Row Lit Fest 2017

I stopped by the Lit Fest for the second year in a row last weekend. I went earlier this time, so it was actually even better:  less people and more books (a.k.a., my dream…).

Lit Fest tent

Just rows and rows of tents filled with books. You can’t ask for a better Sunday than that.

Ironically, I didn’t buy much. I like browsing, but, in truth, it takes a lot for me to actually BUY a book, especially if I haven’t read it before. I have limited shelf space in my small house, and I ration it for books I absolutely love. But I did end up buying This Is Where I Leave You and How to Ruin Everything, both of which I’m excited to read.

Lit Fest books

I also picked up this cute little guy.

Lit Fest book art

Lit Fest is a good time. I recommend going either early in the morning (for cooler weather, less people, and a better selection) or much later in the day (when they start majorly discounting the books, swoon). And don’t forget to stop by the smaller, independent publisher booths. I’ve actually found a couple interesting reads that way–stuff I would have otherwise never even known existed.

Overall, Lit Fest is a solid event–definitely worth checking out if you are a book lover in Chicago.

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