The Hideaway (★★★★☆)


Lauren Denton   *   Thomas Nelson   *   April 11, 2017   *   352 Pages

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Sara Jenkins owns a successful antiques store in New Orleans. She is mostly content with her life:  proud of her success but also a bit lonely, too. Her one surviving family member, her grandmother, Mags, runs a bed and breakfast called The Hideaway in Sweet Bay, Alabama. And though Sara wishes she could get over to visit her more often, somehow she never finds the time. But when Mags dies suddenly, leaving the B & B to her only heir, Sara is forced to revisit her childhood home and decide if she wants to honor her grandmother’s wish to restore the old house to its former glory or just sell the dilapidated building and move on.

Of course Sara is hesitant to put too much of her energy into the house at first, especially with her bustling life in New Orleans waiting. But as she spends more time with the locals and then starts unearthing shocking information about her grandmother’s dramatic, passion-filled past, Sara finds herself more and more invested in the fate of The Hideaway and her future in Sweet Bay.

 *   *   *   *   *

This is a solidly entertaining book. It’s light and humorous, well-written and well-developed. The characters are down-to-earth, fun, and relatable, easy to connect with and equally easy to forget. The book is satisfying…also very predictable. But even though I knew where the story was headed within the first fifty pages or so, I still enjoyed reading the rest of it. Basically, The Hideaway is the perfect “good grief, I just need a mental break!” kind of book. It was the sweet and simple escape from reality that I didn’t even know I needed. I really enjoyed it.

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

3 thoughts

  1. Even the synopsis is very familiar! Let me guess: guy who owns a small store or is a neighbor or works to help her repair the B&B falls in love with her, but she can’t decide if she belongs there or in New Orleans?

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