One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

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Scaachi Koul


May 2, 2017

256 Pages

This is a collection of essays from 26-year old Scaachi Koul, a Canadian-born daughter of Indian immigrants who currently writes for Buzzfeed Canada. The essays cover a wide range of topics including family relationships, dating, internet trolls, alcoholism, rape, anxiety, race, and culture. I think my favorite sections of the book are about Koul’s family. Oh, how I wish her dad had a Twitter account…

The book is entertaining and youthful, but also surprisingly thoughtful. I appreciated Koul’s honesty and willingness to poke fun at herself. There are some preachy moments that irritated me, but Koul’s earnestness keeps the collection grounded. It’s easy for me to see that she’s just genuinely trying to figure life out, and I like and respect her for that.

Fitting is a luxury rarely given to immigrants, or the children of immigrants. We are stuck in emotional purgatory. Home, somehow, is always the last place you left, and never the place you’re in.

One Day We’ll All Be Dead (etc.) is a quick, light read. It’s pretty much what you expect a memoir written by a 20-something to be, but it’s one of the best books in that category that I’ve read. I hope Koul keeps writing, because I am definitely interested in reading her future books.

Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher through Net Galley.

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6 thoughts

      1. Maybe both, but mainly because it’s a collection of essays by a celebrity (maybe not a really well-known celebrity, but I still think of her that way). I just tend to gravitate toward fiction over non-fiction in general, so these types of books don’t usually get prioritized –
        although I imagine I’d like many of them.

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      2. For me, it’s the 20-something angle. I’ve read some good memoirs/essay collections, but I’ve also been burned so many times… It’s difficult, I think, to come up with something interesting, new, and thoughtful to say when you’re still so young. But then again, I was basically born with the personality of an 80-year old woman, so maybe books written by the younger crowd were never going to be my thing…

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