Art Institute of Chicago

Oh, man. These past few weeks, I’m telling you. It’s been like a revolving door of diarrhea in our house. One kid gets sick and then the rest fall like dominos. I finally reached a tipping point a few days ago–as in, if I don’t get out of this house and do something by myself IMMEDIATELY, I’m going to start losing my ish (not literally, knock on wood…).

So I decided to head on over to the Art Institute for a few hours. I’ve been a million times, but it still never fails to make me feel calm and quietly happy. Some of my favorites…





Andy Warhol 2

And then outside the Art Institute, in Maggie Daley Park…




I really hope Diarrhea-fest 2017 ends soon, but I’m glad I got to get out. I ❤️ this city.

2 thoughts

    1. Thanks! Do you already have stuff planned for the summer? I’m still figuring out what I like to do: Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest, Lit Fest, probably the zoo with the kids. I’m trying to find some flower/garden stuff, too. And of course concerts. Do you have any favorite summer adventures in the city, anything I’m missing?


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