Studio (★★★★★)

Studio 2

Sally Coulthard   *   Jacqui Small   *   March 16, 2017   *   224 Pages

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Studio is a book about helping artists create a perfect studio to fit their needs. The book is divided into three parts. Part One shows different types of inspirational studios based on a specific design aesthetic. So, for example, within Part One there is a section called “Bright,” where three artists with bright studios are featured. Other design styles featured are Mono(chromatic), Natural, Industrial, and Collected. And after each section, there is a two-page spread offering tips on how to achieve each “look.”





Part Two features more gorgeous studios and offers even more organizational and decorating tips, this time based on type of art. So the spaces featured are studios for artists in Crafts (e.g., woodworking and ceramics); Fashion and Textiles (e.g., textile designer); Fine Art, Illustration, and Graphic Design; Writing, Blogging, and Photography; and Workshops and Upcycling (e.g., stage set designer).





Part Three is less about drooling over other artists’s studios and more about creating your own. It shares practical advice on how to organize, use, design, light, and live in your space.


I’m ashamed to say that I was ambivalent about reading this book at first. I don’t know, I just wasn’t that excited about it. But, wow, Studio surprised me. First of all, it’s gorgeous. Even if you just put this book on your coffee table, you won’t be disappointed. But more than that, this book has reminded me how important it is to have a pleasant and well-tuned workspace–not only so you can be the best creator you can be, but also because it helps give your art legitimacy. Author Sally Coulthard says, “A studio isn’t just a building or a room, it’s an acknowledgment that what you are doing is important enough to deserve its own space.” Holy smokes. Wow. Yes. And she goes on to say, “Give yourself permission to have a studio. If you do anything creative, you need a space that supports your passion.” Well, shoot. Okay, I will.

This ended up being one of those books like Big Magic, where, after I read it, I realized that 1) I am a legitimate artist, damn it!, and 2) I need space, both mentally and physically, to CREATE. Reading Studio was a mini wake-up call, an unexpected plea from my artistic self for some creative space. I may have begun reading this book with an attitude of meh, but I finished it feeling energized, excited, and motivated to be a better artist.

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4 thoughts

  1. I think having your own working space is really important and making that space yours is key too. I work from home and have worked to get a space that feels separate and “me”. Looks like I could get more ideas from the book.

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    1. I agree with you. The crazy thing is that even though I write a lot at home, I didn’t really even consider giving myself my own space! So you are ahead of me on that one! Having a “studio” has to make a difference, though, right? Both mentally and physically, I would imagine. But yes, this book will definitely inspire you. It’s given me ideas on how to carve out my own space, too.


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