What’s Wrong with my Houseplant? (★★☆☆☆)

What's Wrong with my Houseplant

David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth   *   Timber Press   *   January 27, 2016   *   292 Pages

From the title (and subtitle) of this book, you’d think that it would be all about, well, figuring out what’s wrong with your houseplants and then learning how to treat those problems organically. In actuality, over 90% of the book focuses on identifying and caring for a (far too wide) variety of plants–including palms, trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, ferns, orchids, cacti, succulents, and herbs. Only a few plants are highlighted in each short section before the authors rush to start a new one, so even the info on plant identification (which I never wanted or expected in the first place…) is incomplete.

Most disappointing of all, though, is that only the last 30 pages of the book talk about common problems in plants. Issues such as root rot, pests, and brown leaf tips (among others), are addressed, but explanations for these problems are not at all comprehensive, and they rarely include “organic solutions.”

So this book ended up being a total bummer. The title got my hopes up, but the content didn’t even come close to delivering.

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