The New Rules of Work (★★★★★)

The New Rules of Work

Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew   *   Crown Business   *   April 18, 2017   *   336 Pages

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This book is written by two of the three founders of the major job search website,, and it is absolutely packed with helpful information on finding and keeping a job.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 helps you figure out what type of job you actually want. It walks you through a three-part process where you 1) reflect on your values and interests, 2) research jobs that match up with those values and interests, and 3) finally refine your understanding of what you’re really looking for. Part 2 shows you how to most effectively communicate who you are to potential employers (through personal branding, social media, networking, and a killer resume and cover letter) so that you can land that job. Part 3 gives advice on how to act in a modern workplace and covers soft skills like making positive first impressions and giving strong presentations, etc.

Part 1 is, by far, the most mind-blowing section of this book. I’ve read a lot of career and business books (ironically, mostly for fun, since I’m a stay-at-home mom…), but this is the first book I’ve read that asks you to so concretely consider not just job interests (like writing, coding, accounting, etc.), but also values (such as flexibility, prestige, influence, independence, financial reward, predictability, etc.). In the research phase of the job search journey (which, yes, takes a while to complete), the authors have you create and fill out a table that actually focuses mostly on those values. In the end, you may be surprised (like I was) to find that your “dream job” isn’t the one that is in the field you are most passionate about, but rather is the one that lines up most consistently with your values. Is this old news to everyone else? Because, to me, it was revolutionary. I’ve never read a job book that speaks so honestly about the big picture and helps you identify ALL the aspects of a job that are important to you.

Ultimately, The New Rules of Work is a crazy comprehensive and valuable guide for finding your dream job. As much as I love the tried-and-true job searching classics like What Color Is Your Parachute?, I can’t help but think that The New Rules of Work is the job hunting guide for the modern workplace. If you’re already searching or even just considering changing things up, I would absolutely recommend reading this book.

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    1. I know what you mean. We’ve had to move for jobs A LOT in the past decade, and moving is tough… But yes, I do think this book is helpful even in a down economy. Their advice in a nutshell is to get reeeeally specific with your job search so that you can come up with a strong and very tailored-to-each-position resume, cover letter, social media presence, etc. This book will be best for people who are able to do a lot of job search legwork while they are still working. So for those who are out of a job right now, it’s going to be tough to go through all the steps the authors present–although I think there is helpful info in here for people who need to make ish work immediately, too. As with any job search, the more time you have to plan and/or pick up the pieces, the better off you’ll be…

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