March Recap!

March in Chicago… Le sigh. I’m finally starting to understand that March (on into April) is just about the hardest time of the year in Illinois. At this point, we’ve had five months of cold, and we still probably have at least a couple more to go before things get warm. Yes, this year’s winter has been lighter, but still. It’s dreary, you know?

I’ve been keeping myself sane by reading a lot and writing. Also by acquiring plants… No casualties this month, which is always positive. We’ve had a lot of family dance parties, too:  Hallelujah off the Sing soundtrack (for the toddler), Trumpets by Jason Derulo (I never said I was a good parent), and, surprisingly, Lana Del Rey’s new song, Love. She usually bugs the crap out of me with all her weird baby talk, but not this time:


I’m also consoling myself with the knowledge that I will get to see ALL THE TULIPS soon. I can’t wait.

Despite the dreariness, though, March was actually a pretty great month, both personally and professionally. (Can I call myself a professional?) Got some time out with friends, celebrated another anniversary with this guy I know, was interviewed about being a book reviewer and also featured on WordPress Discover, wrote a lot, and, of course, read a ton. Last month I reviewed six books:

Succulents square





Indestructible Houseplant

I read a bunch more, but most of those reviews will pop up in April and May. I also wrote a couple more personal posts–one on the five books that changed my life, and another on learning to accept myself as the introvert I am. It was pretty much the highlight of my life that people responded to that introvert post, telling me how they feel the same way and can relate. I don’t know, it’s just comforting. It made me feel happy and connected.

And I’m genuinely excited for some of the books I’ve got coming up:

Anything Is Possible



…among so many others, yikes. I’m slowly tackling my TBR list–and being really responsible about not requesting more books than I can realistically read and review before their publication dates. Just trying to find that balanced state of existence…

In other news, I got my hair cut even shorter than last time and discovered that when I straighten it and then sleep on it for two days, I end up looking like Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So there’s that.

Anyhoo… Enjoy April, y’all! Go find some tulips to love.


11 thoughts

    1. Ha, thanks. You know how it is when you first make a bigger change to your hair–it just takes some getting used to. I’m working with it–just trying to slowly move away from the Willy Wonka look… 🙂


    1. Oh good! And yes, were you also caught off guard by how good Lana Del Rays’s new song is? I really couldn’t believe how much I loved it. Was not expecting that. I guess it’s good to keep an open mind for these things… In other news, I might have to try making my own Freakshake at home. That looks nauseating and amazing at the same time, haha. I think my kids would love it 🙂

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  1. Ordered the Indestructible Houseplant book because you said it was great. 🙂 Waiting for it to be delivered. Yay! I bet the Johnny Depp do looks good on you. 🙂 another dreary day of drizzle, rain, mist and DARKNESS. Emily wouldn’t even come out to eat. I had to push her food through the door and then go out and get the plate later. She’s sick of the bad weather as well.

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    1. Oh wow, that’s great! I hope you like it–otherwise I’m going to feel bad, ha. Seriously, today was miserable! Such garbage weather. I’m just holding out for this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get some clear skies WITH the warmth…unless the universe thinks that’s still too much to ask. Stay strong, Emily! Your sunny days are coming!


    1. Ha, I know. It was so miserable out today. At least it isn’t snowing, though (knock on wood). And at least I get to see a few blooms out in the neighborhood. I’m keeping my expectations low…

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