February Recap!

Another month done and gone. By far my favorite part of February was going to my weekly gardening class. I am on a mission to make both our front and back yards beautiful. I’m slowly learning about plants, garden design, garden maintenance, etc., and I’m getting more confident. I already have some plans for our front yard. I killed a whole patch of stuff last year, and I’m finally ready to replace those poor little guys. Our backyard is slightly more intimidating. It is almost all shade and has some drainage issues. Moreover, I’m not even sure what plants are already planted back there. I can see hydrangeas, but I know there are bulbs below the ground, too. I’m going to just have to wait to see what sprouts up over the next few months…

But my indoor plants are doing great! I finally counted, and I have eighteen potted beauties. This is what my kitchen looks like on watering day…


Most are single plants–because, thus far, I’ve been too scared to put multiple plants in each container–but I love them in all their simplicity. True, I have a couple bigger ones that are struggling (I can’t quite seem to figure out where they want to be…more sun? less?), but the vast majority are thriving. And it makes me happy.

Anyway, as for, you know, books, I read an okay number this month–and a couple that I especially loved. The News from the End of the World was really good, and I’m predicting The Impossible Fortress will make my list for best books of the year. (Click on a book cover to see my full review.)

Impossible Fortress

Lift and Separate


If This Is Home




I also reviewed eight books on food allergies–a mix of adult nonfiction and children’s. It’s a lengthy post, but if you want to better understand and manage life-threatening food allergies, you might want to give it a looksie.

In other news, my favorite swoon-worthy article from last month is this one from Buzzfeed:  29 Ways to Create the Reading Nook of Your Dreams. Love.

And my favorite quote:


And because I can’t resist, here’s my favorite orchid shot from The Orchid Show here in Chicago:

Orchid Pink and Yellow

Okay, that’s it. I’m going to go read. Seriously, my TBR list is out of control. At least most of the books I’ve got aren’t going to be published until April or May, so I have time. But still. In this moment, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed. 😬

12 thoughts

  1. I Like the post my with is Athena Dent she is an Author of the following books if you ever come across them maybe you might read and give a review would be nice. 1) silk 2) One of a Kind Love 3) Francesca’s Journey, 4) emerging cocoon
    All available through: http://www.Barnesandnoble.com/www.booklocker.com
    I hope you can take a look and maybe read one or all and let the world know what you think. It would be a great push for my wife good or bad reviews.


    1. It’s good! Kind of one of those sweeping historical novels, so you have to be in the right mood. But I did enjoy it. Out of curiosity, why did you pass on it?


    1. Thanks, yeah I’m definitely trying! Some months are better than others, but I’m glad I ended up reading a few books that I really loved this month. That’s always nice. 🙂


  2. I like your post very much – I’m very new here. I love my new hobby: reading, and really like to learn about others reading too. I love gardening too. There’s nothing like it. It’s feels to me as I belong there with my hands on that dirt planting, fixing, watering, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I completely agree. There’s just something about getting your hands dirty and (hopefully) creating something beautiful that is soothing to the soul. Although hopefully you have killed fewer plants than I have… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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