January Recap!

This glorious yet oh-so turbulent month has come to a close.

I read a bunch of stuff in January. Ten books in all. (Click an image to see my review.)


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I’d say my favorite books in January were Have a Little PunLillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, and Ethical Porn for Dicks. Lucky Boy is pretty good, too, but, in all fairness, I actually reviewed that one a few months ago. My original review was posted waaaaaay before the book was published, so I decided to move it. For what it’s worth (not that anyone really cares), I’m making it a point from here on out to publish my reviews close to each book’s release date. I know publishers prefer that anyway, and there’s no point in writing a review crazy early when no one can actually get a copy of the book…

Last month I also tried posting more non-book-review content just for fun. Check out 6 Things That Are Probably True about You If You Read a Lot of Books… and A Good Dream. I’m going to keep the Instagram posts coming, too. I can’t help it, guys. I really like book/famous people quotes. See My Favorite Quotes Lately.


In other news, I’m changing up the layout of my blog a bit. (I’m sure most people are like me and usually read new posts in their readers, but just in case you, gasp, visit my actual site…) I’ve moved my Goodreads and Instagram feeds to the bottom and added a new section on the right called Blogs I Heart. I’ve noticed that there are certain blogs that I love and keep going back to, and I wanted to give them a shoutout. This long list shortens and sorts itself randomly, so it will look a little different each time you visit my site–but if you’re in the market for something to feed your noggin, you might want to check it out.

But that’s it for now. I can’t believe how crazy January has been. This stuff with Trump…Good God. I think we’re all on edge, no matter which side of the political divide you’re on. Here’s hoping that the next few months calm down a bit, if only because it’s hard to feel this stressed and uncertain all the time. And FYI, if you’re looking for a way to “stay outraged without losing your mind,” you’ll probably benefit from reading this article. It helped me a lot.


4 thoughts

  1. January seems to have been a great reading month for you.10 books is impressive and the topics seems so diverse.I’m also doing the same with my reviews.I started updating NetGalley,scheduling posts closer to publication and then adding the link of my review to NetGalley feedback.That way the feedback ratio doesn’t suffer.

    Have a wonderful February and all the best in all your plans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keeping my Net Galley feedback ratio above 80% is an ongoing battle. I seem to request books in waves and then end up getting approved for, like, six titles at a time–which is great, but also stresses me out. I, too, add my review links in Net Galley (though I wonder sometimes if publishers actually check those?). Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I’m sending the same back to you. Hope you have good reading in February. 🙂


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