Sam Smith: The Biography (★★★☆☆)


Joe Allan   *   Lesser Gods   *   October 11, 2016   *   288 Pages

Advanced Reader copy provided through Amazon Vine.

Sam Smith is basically a sensation, we all know this. He’s sung the songs and won the Grammys. He’s sold a crazy number of albums and had several #1 hits–and he hasn’t even hit 25 yet. Most importantly, his music is just plain good.



I remember part of the speech that Smith gave when he accepted his first Grammy. He said, “It was only when I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.” I already knew and loved his work by that point, but after hearing him say that, I became interested in knowing his story, too. So I was looking forward to reading his biography.

This book obviously does give information on Smith’s life before stardom–his parents, his upbringing, his days at school, his rise to fame, etc. I liked learning about Smith, not so much because he’s had a crazy remarkable life, but really more because he’s a genuinely classy, kind, hardworking, resilient, and self-sufficient human being. To “know” Sam Smith is to love Sam Smith, plain and simple.

But I was still disappointed by the overall tone of this book. It doesn’t have much personality and, instead, reads like one long Wikipedia article. There is lots of play-by-play of Smith’s life with snippets from previous interviews thrown in, but all real conflicts and struggles are glossed over. The book flows well, the way a newspaper article flows well, but it’s just as boring.

I’m a fan of Sam Smith, but if you’re only interested in knowing the basic-level facts of his life as presented in this book, I would recommend that you save yourself some time and just read Smith’s Wikipedia page instead.

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