Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook (★★★★☆)


Ziggy Marley   *   Akashic   *   October 11, 2016   *   120 Pages

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

In 2013, musician Ziggy Marley, son of the uber famous Bob Marley, started a company called Ziggy Marley Organics. The company offers organic hempseeds and coconut oils–both very common ingredients in the Jamaican, Rasta, Persian, Israeli, and ital (natural, whole) foods he eats and cooks at home. After he became involved in manufacturing Ziggy Marley Organics, he felt inspired to publish this cookbook.

The book is organized into categories that aren’t quite breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He titles his sections Rise, All Day, Midday, Evening, and Sweets. Most of the recipes contain nuts, seeds, and oils (not butter). Eggs, fruits, and vegetables are popular ingredients, too. The All Day section is basically completely fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.

The Evening section (i.e., dinner options) is a tricky one for our family. Almost all of the recipes are fish-centered. They look good and easy enough to create, but my two-year old has a severe fish allergy, so we can’t even try them.

The recipes I have cooked, though, are flavorful and completely doable. (The fruit and spice “shots” have been the most fun for me to try out.) If you are looking for a little guidance in making healthier food, this cookbook might be a good place to start.

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