My Favorite Quotes Lately

It’s taken me some time to find my niche with the whole Book Blogger on Instagram thing. I know there are lots of bookstagram accounts out there, where people spend a lot of time (and money?) taking pictures of books with various props and figures and socks and cups of coffee. And I did try that for a moment, I’ll be honest. But God it took so much time and effort! After a few months, I finally just admitted it wasn’t for me. (On a side note, sometimes I get the feeling that the people obsessively buying and then taking pictures of their books may not actually be reading them…)

But since I still wanted to do something book-related on Instagram, I finally settled on posting my favorite quotes–either quotes from the book I was currently reading or quotes I happened to come across.

Amazingly, these little quotes have become one of my favorite “social media interactions.” I’m kind of in love with them, actually. So now, every once in a while, I will post my favorites quote pics on the blog, too. Just for you, because I heart you so much.

Entertaining, right? You can always follow me on Instagram if you want to see more.  🙂

7 thoughts

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. 🙂 I’m following your posts now, too, so I’m looking forward to reading your stuff.

      And I agree. I didn’t know what to expect from him when he took over for Jon Stewart, but he’s definitely on point more often than not. And I absolutely loved his book. 🙂


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