Nina the Neighborhood Ninja (★★★★★)


Sonia Panigrahy   *   Tiny Sparks Press   *   November 22, 2016   *   44 Pages

Advanced Reader Copy provided by publisher.

I don’t usually review children’s books on here (even though I read them with my kids all the time), but this one is too cute not to mention.

Nina and her sidekick, Fiona the Firefly, are having quite a day. While playing outside, they keep coming across animals in need of help. They have to reunite a baby bird with her mother, build a shelter for a cat during a rainstorm, and rescue a family of turtles stuck in a sandbox. Luckily, Nina is “smart and strong and speedy,” and her cleverness and quick thinking allow her to help the animals in no time. At the end of the day, Nina is exhausted, but all the animals have one last special treat to share with her as a way of saying thank you.

This is a cute story with bright and cheerful–almost cartoon-ish–illustrations. It’s nice to see a main female character who is strong and resourceful, able to take care of herself and others. The story moves along quickly and all three of my kids (ages 7, 5, and 2) enjoy reading it.

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