6 Things That Are Probably True about You If You Read a Lot of Books…


My daughter’s friend came over for a play date the other day. She’s four and completely sweet and adorable. But, like most four-year olds, she’s also very free with her opinions, complimentary or not. So, in addition to asking me if I “had a baby in there” (😐), she also gently encouraged me–well, more like insisted in no uncertain terms, really–that I should wear contacts instead of glasses because they “make your face look better.”

I’ve been told many times in my life that I should wear contacts. And I know I look traditionally more “pretty” without them. But god damn it, what’s so wrong with glasses? I like my glasses. They make me feel like myself. They remind me of the streets that raised me. Plus, practically speaking, they help me read books more comfortably. When I wear contacts, my eyes dry out and burn, especially when I read a lot. And since I’m always reading a lot, that is a problem.

Truthfully, I suspect that a disproportionate number of book lovers wear glasses. It just comes with the territory. But that got me thinking about what else we might have in common. Let’s make a list, shall we?

#1  –  Your childhood probably had a lot of this going on:


And maybe a little of that:


I.e., we aren’t cool. We wear things like large gold circle glasses, fluffy scrunchies, shorter-alls, baggie t-shirts, and Birkenstocks with white socks. We can’t answer your questions about the latest fashion trends to save our lives, but we can tell you anything you need to know about classic Russian literature.

(FYI, these are pictures of me…in high school. It’s okay, I still cry about it, too.)

#2  –  We are kinda shy.

We are sensitive souls! We desperately want to connect, but we’re also incredibly introverted. That’s why we like stories:  we get to interact with people (albeit fictional ones) without having to go through the agony of, you know, speaking.

#3  –  We have more books in our homes and on our e-readers than we could possibly read in five lifetimes.


But it doesn’t matter. We will buy and download and check out more. Our shelves will burst. They will overflow and even topple. Our inner beings will be shaken by a quiet anxiety as we watch our TBR pile grow and grow–but we will also be inwardly full of joy and comfort knowing we are surrounded by so many lovely words.

#4  –  We arrange and rearrange our bookshelves like it’s our job.

Just look at our Instagram accounts.

#5  –  We care. Like, a lot.

Because we’ve read so many books and “seen” life from so many different people’s perspectives, we are better able to empathize with and understand the struggles of others. We honest to God feel your pain, and we just want to make it better. I know we may sometimes come across as awkward, unfriendly, maybe even judgmental. But I promise you, we are big ol’ softies. Once our souls have had time to relax and open, it’s time to hop aboard the Feelz Express.

#6  –  Last, we like wearing glasses!

We like the glasses! We choose the glasses! You’re just going to have to let it go.


Profile Black and White Smile

Any I missed?

20 thoughts

  1. I love this! It’s great. Yes to everything you said and to the knee blanket too. I can offer an anecdote and two suggestions.
    Suggestion 1: Carrying a huge book with you in your already over-filled carry-on luggage on a trip because you are at a really good part of the book and it’s too sad to leave the book at home. I do this even if the book is hard cover and I’m past halfway already. I know. I should just buy the ebook…
    Suggestion 2: always taking a book with you, everywhere you go and pulling it out to snatch a minute of reading while waiting. But also in some social settings part of your mind is thinking about your book and secretly wishing you could read your book instead of plough on with stupid small talk.
    Anecdote: I boarded a flight and glanced at the man sitting next to me. He was holding a paperback and I whipped out To The Lighthouse and was just about to read when he struck up a conversation about Woolf. We talked non stop about books for the entire flight and we became real world friends. I even attended his engagement party.

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    1. Yes, I’ve done both of those things, haha! I’m especially guilty of taking a book out to read at the first hint of waiting. My mind is usually already preoccupied with the book anyway, so why wait to finish it? 😂


    1. Ha, she is… But in all honesty, I did give away the sweater I was wearing that apparently showcases “my baby.” I feel like I’m being wasteful and vain, but my pride…my pride! Ugh, it stung. 😩

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  2. Your glasses look great and yes, to having more books than I can read in 5 lifetimes, no matter how fast I read, and yes to rearranging my books (I did it for three days last week), and I turned my linen closet into a mini library and there are book in piles on the floors and tables in every room, so I can just pick them u read them no matter where I am.. That was a run-on sentence if I ever wrote one:)

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    1. Thank you, and I can completely relate! I finally started purging my bookshelves once we started moving a lot (ended up being ten times in ten years), but now that we are in one place, I’ve started amassing books again. Sigh, God help me…


    1. Ha, no not just you. I always use a knitted throw from the 70s that my brother decided he didn’t want anymore like a decade ago (probably because it’s ugly as sin). But now it’s part of my reading routine so it’s staying. 🙂

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