Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk (★★★★☆)


Danielle Krysa   *   Chronicle Books   *   October 11, 2016   *   136 Pages

Advanced Reader Copy provided by publisher.

This book is basically a shorter, breezier version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic–with some quirky illustrations thrown in. In other words, it’s wonderful.

In ten chapters, author Danielle Krysa outlines ten ways you can silence your inner critic and more freely let your creative light shine. Some of her tips are more inspirational than concrete, but I found all of them relevant and useful in some way. Most of them center on the importance of acknowledging your identity as an artist and committing to creating every day.

Krysa also includes stories and interviews with other artists who have struggled with shaky self-confidence resulting from harsh criticism (both public and personal). There are relevant quotes sprinkled throughout, too, that offer some comfort, understanding, and reassurance to the creative-but-discouraged soul.

Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk is a quick read but a good one. If you liked Big Magic, you should enjoy this one, too.

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