10 Best Books of 2016


The year is coming to a close. I finally hit my Goodreads goal and read 102 books, thereby surpassing my goal of 100. (I’ll be honest and say that my original goal was 110 books, but I modified it after I was so sick for that 1.5 months.) I read some good books this year–although I was really surprised, when I looked back over my “read” list, to see how many of my favorites were actually NOT published this year. Not very helpful for a “Best of 2016!” list…

But no matter. It’s my blog, so I can do what I want. And what I want is to list my favorite books published in 2016, AS WELL AS my favorite books read (but not published) in 2016.

Favorite books published in 2016…












(I never officially reviewed either of these books, btw…)








Favorite Books read (but not published) in 2016…

And because these are the red-headed stepchildren of the year (I didn’t even officially review most of them, eek), they don’t get their own pretty cover pictures. Sorry, guys.

Fiction:  All the Winters After (reviewed and SO GOOD), Brown Girl Dreaming

Wellness:  Dysfunction Interrupted (reviewed), No Mud No Lotus (kind of reviewed)

Home:  Absolutely Beautiful ThingsThe New Bohemians (reviewed), Styled

Writing:  On Writing Well

There you have it. My faves.

And what this shows me is that I’m not nearly as hip with the kids as I thought! In 2017, I think I’ll try to read more books actually published in 2017. Then again, I have a lot of older books I want to get to, too. So…I’ll probably just end up reading whatever I want while continuing to add to my already massive TBR pile. Sigh. People don’t change. I can admit this.

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