Crafting with Feminism (★★★★☆)


Bonnie Burton   *   Quirk Books   *   October 18, 2016   *   112 Pages

Advanced Reader Copy provided through Amazon Vine.

This is a fun–and funny–book. The crafts in here aren’t super involved or complicated. Honestly, many of them look “thrown together.” But that just adds to their charm, in my opinion. It wouldn’t make sense for these projects to look perfectly Martha Stewart-ed, anyway.

As the title says, the book contains 25 different crafts. Some require slightly more skill (like the Uterus Pillow), but most are easy-peasy.


In all honesty, I’ve only tried the Em-broad-ery Hoop Art (though I’m not done yet), and the directions are very easy to follow. I had to go through a bit of trial and error at first, but it wasn’t so bad. I also plan on making the Vagina Ornaments (ha!) and the Strong Female Character Prayer Candles.

There are a few extras scattered throughout the book, as well. Every once in a while, there are non-craft-centered pages that feature feminist facts, quotes, or book lists. Some pages list craft party theme ideas.



At the end of the book is a supply list. There’s also a quick sewing primer if you are struggling.

Ultimately, this is an entertaining book. It’s quirky and playful with just the right amount of irreverence. It made me laugh a couple times and, amazingly, even inspired me to attempt a craft or two. (I guess hell has officially frozen over…)

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