The New Bohemians (★★★★★)


Justina Blakeney   *   Stewart, Tabori, & Chang   *   April 14, 2015   *   304 Pages

Wow, what a gorgeous book. The description says author Blakeney features her favorite homes from “across the country”…but really most of the homes are in California and New York, with a small handful from Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico. No matter, though, because all of the homes here are phenomenal.

The book is divided into six parts, each part covering a different bohemian style: modern, earthy, folksy, nomadic, romantic, and maximal. But all the homes have a lot in common. They are playful, colorful, whimsical, and chock full of personality. Some lean toward minimalism and others are stuffed to the gills, but I loved each and every one. It helps, too, that the book quality and photo spreads are stunning–really vibrant and inspirational. (After reading this book, I’ve decided our house needs about twice the number of plants it currently has…)

But I especially love how this book made me feel affirmed in our decision to decorate, furnish, and design our new home slowly. It takes time to build layers that are meaningful and reflect who we are. Sometimes I feel pressure to rush that process, since, hello, after a year in this house, we still don’t have a coffee table in our living room… But now I’m feeling a little bit more calm and confident. I’m glad we are taking our time to find pieces that we love.

At any rate, I loved this book. It is beautiful to look at and helpful to read. I know I’ll be returning to it again and again.

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