A Musical Interlude


We are in full-on back-to-school mode around here. I feel like it takes up a lot of my time. Thing 1 needs a new lunch box. Thing 2 needs a backpack and some clothes. School forms, doctor’s appointments, curriculum nights. Yeesh. I kind of can’t wait for August and September to be over.

But then, THEN…oh, sweet October and November, come to me. It’s not like I have a ton of crazy, life-altering events planned or anything. But at least there are a few things to look forward to. I’m mostly excited about some shows I’m going to. (By the way, I hate it when people talk about shows they are going to because stop being so obnoxious and pretentious. But, oh well.)

Oh, and just so we’re on the same page, I am 30-something and not cool. So my music selections may be, well… Feel free to leave this page immediately.

I’m not going to see Mipso, though I strongly considered it. I love this song so much, but the rest of their stuff is just a touch too country. I don’t know. I don’t think I can sit through a whole show. But I might anyway. (You can find the official video–not just audio–here:  http://theboot.com/mipso-momma-music-video/)


Christine and the Queens is a go. Excitement.


Mandolin Orange, also a go. I’m kind of in love with them, actually.


Seeing (or planning to see) Joe Purdy was a spur of the moment decision. But I think it could be good. Better than watching Wheel of Fortune at home. I’m hoping.


So I just have to get through these next few weeks, and then I get to look forward to some nights out. Happiness.

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