I Almost Forgot About You (★★★☆☆)



Terry McMillan  *  Crown  *  June 7, 2016  *  368 Pages

Advanced Reader Copy received through Amazon Vine.

Georgia Young has a full life. She’s a successful optometrist and doing well for herself financially. She has lots of quality friendships, and she’s close to her family. Twice divorced and currently single, she feels just fine being on her own.

Well…mostly fine. Truth be told, Georgia is getting bored with all the good, responsible decisions she’s made for herself. She’s at a point in her life where she finally feels stable and secure. She’s set herself up for success–a stellar credit score and no unhealthy relationships for her!–but now what? What comes next?

While considering what her future holds, Georgia can’t help but look back at her life. Specifically, she’s curious about her past loves–what went right and what went wrong–and what those relationships might tell her about who she is now. But Georgia doesn’t just think about the relationships. One by one, she meets with each man who she once felt so connected to. She speaks her mind and asks them questions, honestly and directly. What she learns about them (and herself) gives her the understanding and closure she needs to finally propel herself forward.

There is a lot to like about this book. Georgia is a fun character to follow–she’s straightforward and confident. She is kind, but she tells it like it is. I so appreciate how she handles the imperfect men of her past–never denying the bad stuff, but still finding a way to accept, forgive, and move on. I actually learned a few things from this book, truth be told.

I also appreciate how author McMillan talks about Georgia’s sexual past. There is no judgment. There are no apologies–even when talking about abortion. Georgia is allowed to be her own woman. She is strong and capable. She’s not perfect, but she makes the decisions that are best for her–and she doesn’t beat herself up over them or relentlessly second-guess herself afterward. How refreshing.

I do have a couple complaints, though. The tone of the book can be cold and choppy at times, almost like McMillan is reciting a list: this happened, then this, then Georgia did that. It’s off-putting. I also pretty much hate the ending. I don’t want to give anything away, but the whole situation with Stanley is just too much, in my opinion. Just because a woman has a bad day–even a bad week–doesn’t mean she needs to be rescued. Finish what you started, girl!

Still, this book is entertaining. I’d say it’s a light read with punches of insight. I Almost Forgot About You isn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, but I can definitely see why McMillan has so many fans.

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