January. Oh, dreary January.


What a month, you know? Winter in Chicago has been mild, but I’m depressed as hell. My husband has been working A LOT more. It’s temporary, but it’s killing me. I’m at home with the kids all. day. long. I wish I could say that I was handling it better than I actually am, but why lie to the internet? I am deep into the territory of the The Dark Side…

It’s weird. On the one hand, I have more nights to myself, but since I’m also more exhausted, I’m not as productive. Still, I’ve been able to read my usual amount and write quasi-decent reviews. So that feels nice. Sigh. It will pass, right? It must pass.

So this month I had some good reads:  Untangled, Evicted, Your Credit Score, The Opposite of Everyone, Carrying Albert Home, No Baggage, Why We Write about Ourselves, The Importance of Being Little, and The Restaurant Critic’s Wife. I probably enjoyed Untangled and Why We Write about Ourselves the best. Oh, and I read this home/style book called, well, Styled by Emily Henderson, which I absolutely loved. I didn’t review it, but it was a nice distraction.

I’ve decided, going forward, that I’m going to try to focus solely on new releases (instead of books that have been out for months already). I’ve been paying attention more to what gets published when. (Did you know that books almost always get released on a Tuesday? I wonder what the reasoning behind that is…) There are a few coming out in February that I’m looking forward to reading:  Beasts and Children, Second House from the Corner, and Free Men. Plus I’m still trying to leave room for “fun” books. Can you believe I haven’t read Wild or Bird by Bird yet? (Maybe I already said that?) Soon and very soon, I hope.

Really, I’m just praying I can make it through this next month. Seriously, I keep telling myself, “Just get through the next hour. And now the next hour after that. Now, do it again.” Only five more weeks left…

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  1. It’s not that books are always released on Tuesday’s, it’s that books are always released on one single day and all the readers run around flailing trying to get all these new releases. Publishing houses must have some grand scheme where they get together and choose a date to smash all the readers with.

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