The Opposite of Everyone (★★★★☆)


Joshilyn Jackson  *  William Morrow  *  February 16, 2016  *  304 Pages

Paula Vauss is a successful lawyer specializing in messy, contentious divorces. She does the dirty work that no one else is willing to do–and she does it well. Her life is upended, however, when a family member she never knew she had shows up and (it probably goes without saying) changes everything. She ends up having to delve deep into her past, remember what she’d rather forget, and, somehow, make peace with it.

Man, I loved this story. And I especially loved the characters. Paula reminded me of Alicia Florrick from the TV series The Goodwife. (Is that too embarrassing to say?) She’s strong and capable, and she has attitude. I’d say Paula is even more tough, more dynamic, though, because of her past tumultuous relationship with her hippie-esque mother, as well as her time in the foster care system.

Ultimately, The Opposite of Everyone is a fantastic read. The story flows effortlessly. And, the ending…OH MY GOD. It was perfect. I didn’t see it coming (though, in hindsight, I probably should have). I had never read anything else by Joshilyn Jackson before this book, but she is definitely on my radar now.

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