How to Have a Good Day (★★★★★)


How to Have a Good Day

Caroline Webb  *  Crown Business  *  February 2, 2016  *  368 Pages

Caroline Webb has managed to write a heavily researched, evidence-based manual that can be helpful to just about anyone. Which probably makes it sound horribly boring, but it really isn’t!

Most of the book is written for people who work–at the top or the bottom of the food chain, it doesn’t matter. But even I, as a stay-at-home mom and writer, found plenty in here to apply to my life. Webb’s tone is very conversational, and while the content is dense, she manages to inject levity and humor often enough that I never felt bogged down.

The book is divided into seven parts. In a nutshell, these parts address:

  1. Setting your intentions
  2. Organizing your self and your life in a more strategic way
  3. Making the most of your relationships (this is BY FAR my favorite section, holy smokes)
  4. Being your best, most insightful self
  5. Maximizing your impact
  6. Increasing your resilience
  7. Boosting your energy.

As I mentioned, my favorite section, hands down, is the section about building relationships. I thought Webb offered so much good stuff here, I was blown away. Some of my favorite insights from Webb:

  • Nobody ever experiences an entirely objective version of reality (and this is what leads to misunderstanding). This may seem like an obvious point, but the scientific explanation behind this is fascinating.
  • Webb’s advice on how to give a “positive no” (basically delivering disappointing information with positivity and warmth) is life-changing, in my opinion. I’ve already put this one into practice and seen great results.
  • Along the same lines, I also love Webb’s strategies for diffusing tense situations and delivering difficult information with kindness, clarity, and tact.

And even still, there is so much more to this book. How to Have a Good Day offers plenty of helpful insight into the nature of human interaction and the science behind why we act the way that we do, that I really believe there is something in here for everyone. It’s not a book to rush through, so take your time with it. It will be worth the effort.

Also, if you do enjoy this book, I’d also recommend Unfinished Business.

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