All of Us and Everything (★★☆☆☆)


Bridget Asher  *  Bantam  *  November 24, 2015  *  352 Pages

I was looking forward to reading this book. I love The Husband’s Secret, so I had high hopes for All of Us and Everything. Plus, I really like stories that focus on relationships between sisters, and relationships between mothers and daughters. I genuinely thought this one was going to be a good fit for me.

Yikes, what a disappointment. While I think there was some potential here for an interesting story with weird, eccentric, engaging characters, author Bridget Asher just couldn’t pull it off. The story is meandering and unfocused. It has engaging moments, but it also has a lot of superfluous, boring sections that could have been eliminated all together. In fact, I’d say the whole book could have been edited down, probably by at least 40 percent. It would have moved along much more quickly.

I took issue with the dialogue, in particular; it just wasn’t believable to me. And some of the conversations between characters went on and on and on. I found myself zoning out at these points, and I’d have to catch myself and reread what I just read (never a good sign).

Ultimately, this book did basically nothing for me. While I still think the plot had potential, I never fell in love with the characters.

If you are looking for a better book about relationships between sisters or between moms and daughters, I’d suggest The Roots of the Olive Tree. I really liked that one. Oh, and if you’ve never read anything by Liane Moriarty, don’t judge her based on a (totally misleading) comparison to All of Us and Everything. Her books are nothing like this one.

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