Bored of Books?!

How can this be? I don’t know, I’ve just been off my game lately, I guess. I’ve been busy with my kids, my birthday (I turned 28 again…honest), and getting settled into our new house, among other things. I’m distracted. And tired. There have been a lot of days when I don’t want to expend even one more half ounce of energy. I’m just DONE.

Part of the problem is that, since my kids started school, we have the weirdest daytime schedule. The entire day is blocked out into 45 – 90 minute sections. I feel like I move from one task to the next, but, somehow, never complete anything, you know? It’s weird. Mornings are the hardest, I think. We don’t get much time to go out before my youngest has to go down for his first nap. But we’ve been trying! I aim to get us out of the house for a meaningful chunk of time at least every other day. (For those of you without kids, you are thinking I’m crazy right now. For those of you with kids, though, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shoot, it takes us 20 – 30 minutes just to get out the door.)

We did make a (surprisingly relaxing!) trip to a local garden here in Chicago recently. We go to this particular garden often, and it is STUNNING. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be this time, though, since it’s colder now and the leaves are almost already done falling. But it was beautiful.

And now I’m going to post pics, like a proud mother…

IMG_5268 IMG_5269




4 thoughts

  1. Beautiful pics! Surprisingly beautiful so late in the year. Trees are almost bare by me. Laughing about how much work kids can be. I remember those days!


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