The Given World (★★★★☆)

The Given World
Marian Palaia  *  Simon & Schuster  *  April 14, 2015  *  304 Pages

The Given World is a beautiful book. From the first page, I was wholly engaged, and I couldn’t put it down–which is somewhat odd considering how sullen it is. There is SO much sorrow here. Page after page of it. Some of that sadness is self-imposed by the characters, and some of it is just the stuff life is made of.

The main character, Riley, is very loveable–also lost and melancholy and deeply sad–but, yes, so earnest and endearing. She cares very genuinely, so even when she messes up and makes decisions that are, hm, less than stellar, I still had no problem forgiving her everything. I so wanted her to make better, healthier choices for herself, but I was willing to support her regardless.

For me, this book flew by. And when I finished it, I had that very satisfying feeling of having actually read Something Significant. The Given World is poetic and powerful. Definitely worth a read.

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