So This Is What Fifty Looks Like!


Well, holy petunias, folks. I’ve just published 50 reviews on Bug Bug! That sure feels like an achievement. And I’m almost even more surprised by how long I’ve kept this thing going. Can you believe it’s been almost a year? Weird.

I’m proud of myself for managing to stick with something like this despite having three kids at home to take care of. It’s basically chaos in my house all of the time, and finding time to read, let alone write reviews of what I’ve read, is basically impossible. And yet I keep doing it. I’m not even sure how?

But I’m grateful for this outlet. I’m grateful for the excuse to read and this platform that helps keep my mind sharp through writing. I’m grateful that having this blog means I can sometimes get free ebooks from NetGalley. I’m grateful that I have something to link back to when I give shout outs to authors on Twitter–and that sometimes authors respond to said shout outs! I’m grateful when I get to have back and forths with people who leave comments. I’m grateful that people, however few, actually read stuff that I write sometimes. It’s just cool. It helps me feel connected to The World, despite being somewhat trapped at home. I know, I know, the internet = the illusion of intimacy, but this blog has been something meaningful to me.

So thank you to anyone out there who reads this stuff. And thank you to all of my fellow book nerds who love books and who love to talk about books and who even love to read about reading books. I am your people. I hope we find each other.

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