Soul on the Run (★★☆☆☆)

soul on the run korth

I am surprised by how little depth there is to Soul on the Run. I was hoping author Robin Korth, a divorced mom and recovering alcoholic, was going to open up and share her personal story. In the introduction, she briefly describes her struggle to get out of a long and unhealthy marriage, as well as her battle to overcome alcoholism and bulimia. I wanted to know more about that. It sounded like she had been through a lot, learned from her mistakes, and was in a better place for all of it. I was intrigued by that story.

But that isn’t what this book is about. Surprisingly, Korth shares next to nothing about her personal struggles. Instead, Soul on the Run is mostly a collection of corny and cliche affirmations presented in meandering, unfocused, stream-of-consciousness vignettes. Each chapter is broken up into at least three parts. First, Korth makes a personal statement of growth (I used to be that way, now I am this way). Second, she gives a little prayer to the reader in the “On This Day” section (on this day, I hope you feel joy, etc.). Last, she finishes with a specific “Challenge” (do something differently today, self-reflect, ask for a hug, etc.).

This format had the potential to be engaging and insightful. Unfortunately, though, both the content and writing style of Soul on the Run are cheesy, overwrought, and confusing. For example, “My sorrows and my disappointments can burn and tear. They wound my heart and cause my soul to whimper in dreams…” Or “Don’t you just love it when your smile and your heart and your spirit jump all at the same time?” I mean, huh? What does any of that really even mean? Somehow Korth manages to fill an entire book with a bunch of words that don’t actually say anything. In fact, I got the distinct feeling that she was hiding behind meaningless gibberish so she could avoid having to spell out the black and white truth of her painful experiences.

Ultimately, this book missed the mark for me. It lacked substance and focus, and it definitely did not deliver on (what I interpreted to be) a promise to know Korth’s personal story. Soul on the Run ended up being nothing that I was expecting and, unfortunately, nothing that I wanted either.

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