The Beauty Detox Power

beauty detox power snyder

Kimbery Snyder   *   Harlequin   *   March 31, 2015   *   320 Pages

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I have followed Kimberly Snyder since her first book The Beauty Detox Solution. When I read that book, it honest-to-God changed my life. I was pregnant with my second child–so, not a good time for radical dietary changes–but I did manage to make a few adjustments to my diet that helped me legitimately feel better on a day-to-day basis. For example, I ate less dairy, I ate fruit on an empty stomach, I made sure to eat veggies before each meal, and I upped my green vegetable intake considerably. Because of her recommendations, my last two pregnancies were heartburn-free!

Despite the fact that Snyder’s second book, The Beauty Detox Foods, didn’t really wow me, I was very eager to read her third book, The Beauty Detox Power. I didn’t know what to expect, honestly. Would it be more of the same? Could she really add anything new to the conversation she started in The Beauty Detox Solution?

Well, within the first few pages of this book, I knew it was something different, something special even. This book is much more personal than her other two. She still follows the same format of sharing client stories throughout in order to illustrate her points, yes. But she also adds a few of her own–stories about struggling to fit in, about feeling neglected and misunderstood, and about how she ultimately was able to find her way to optimum mental, physical, and emotional health. I think there can be a tendency, when you look at her, to think, “Oh, this woman has it all figured out, and she probably always has.” But Snyder proves that that hasn’t been the case. She has had to find her way just like the rest of us. I appreciated her willingness to share that, and it helped me stay open to her message.

And her message is powerful! There is so much good information here. The book is divided into six sections called Power Alignment Shifts. Each section is broken up into two or more chapters. Each Power Alignment Shift section has a fancy subtitle, but, basically, the sections talk about:

1) thinking about your health holistically
2) recognizing and then harnessing the power of your thoughts
3) dealing with food cravings
4) understanding your body’s chakras
5) understanding the importance of healthy relationships
6) recipes

I especially enjoyed the first and fourth sections. I so loved how she started this book off with an honest discussion of what it means to be healthy. It is so easy to get caught up in counting calories and obsessing–OBSESSING!–over every little nutrient or carb or fat or how much in, how much out. But, in the end, we are just using food as yet another means to be cruel to ourselves. It’s sad. And completely counterproductive. I couldn’t agree more with Snyder when she says, “If you love your body and nourish it from a place of love, instead of just plotting and planning how to make it skinnier, your body will respond with an increased amount of vitality, energy, and health…and you’ll actually realize far superior–and sustainable–results with your weight and beauty.”

I will also add that Snyder’s breakdown of the chakras is one of the most simple, straightforward, yet informative explanations I’ve encountered. It was very well done, and I know I’m going to be referencing that section of the book a lot.

I only have two complaints. First, Snyder’s face is ALL OVER this book. Truly, she is everywhere. I finally broke down and counted all of her selfies; there are 48 pictures of her in a 300-page book–50 if you count the front and back cover. So that averages out to be a smiling Snyder every six pages. It all got to be a bit…much. And the worst part is that all the headshots were a distraction from her very good message.

Second, while I loved that she had so many footnotes throughout the book, when I went to look more closely at her sources, I only found this message at the back:  “A full list of references used in the writing of this book can be found at [her website].” Well, if you go to the website, there is no clear path to finding the references. Plus, you are bombarded immediately with pop-up after pop-up. I don’t know if the book I received doesn’t have references because I received an advance copy, but I really wish this aspect of the book had been more transparent.

Regardless, I thought The Beauty Detox Power, overall, was wonderful. Snyder packed so much information into this book–information that really added something powerful, insightful, and unique to the oft-discussed topic of health. She has motivated me to think about my body and my mind differently, and I really think I will be a better, healthier person because of it.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I will definitely give Joy Gross’s book a look. You may also want to check out Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin or (and this might sound crazy…) Sheryl Paul’s email list. Both women are very insightful and all about getting back into a more spiritual place.


  2. A book of this sort – far afield from my normal reading genres – that surprising changed my whole approach to health and life is Joy Gross’s “The Thirty-Day Way to a Born-Again Body” – much more than a diet book, it’s all about syncing your body and spirit back to nature through vegetarian eating, mindful breathing, appreciating the sun, the water, and much more.


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