So Suddenly Dark


For the most part, I really enjoyed reading Season of the Dragonflies. The plot was very unique. The characters weren’t particularly deep, but they were likable and entertaining. I was invested in their stories, and I liked seeing the relationships between characters develop over time.

But I really, really did not like the last 25% of this book! Wow, it got so dark and depressing–I mean, strangely and awkwardly depressing. Honestly, it was hard to reconcile the mostly superficial, almost chick-lit-like feel of the majority of the book with the heaviness of the last part. The things that started to happen (to two characters in particular) felt WAY too intense and completely out of balance with the rest of the story. Creech goes from perfume and magic flowers to near-fatal “accidents” and the possibility of murder. Huh? I felt like the ending was written for another, more serious story.

Regardless, even though the ending threw me off, I liked the book, overall. Creech is a strong writer, and the creativity of this story was intriguing enough for me that I’d be willing to check out whatever she might publish in the future.

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