Troika (★★★★☆)


I’m still trying to decide whether I like the ending to this book or not. It is very unconventional and…creative. I’m not sure it would work in reality, but I give Pelzman credit for attempting something different.

But I can definitely say that I loved, LOVED the characters in this book. Perla, oh, my Perlita, was such a wonderful, complex woman. I loved her voice–and she really did have a VOICE that spoke to me through these pages. I couldn’t believe how real she felt to me, especially given that she was created by a man. I also thought Pelzman did a great job with Sophie. She was so straightforward, realistic, strong yet vulnerable. Like Perla, Sophie was an incredibly dynamic, whole character.

In fact, ironically, I thought Julian was the weakest character in this book, the least developed. He felt like a stereotype of what the ideal “man” should be: strong, silent, prone to violence, but ultimately wounded and vulnerable if you, woman-who-always-falls-for-the-wrong-type-of-guy, would just peel back the layers. (This relationship dynamic never works out in real life, but somehow always has a place in literature and movies.) It wasn’t until Epilogue #1 that he really started to seem like a whole character, too.

Overall, this was an incredibly satisfying read. I loved it start to (mostly, I think?) finish. It is always a wonderful feeling discovering new authors that I enjoy, and I will definitely be on the lookout for more books by Pelzman.

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