The Infographic Addition

Infographic Resume

I didn’t know if The Infographic Resume, by author Hannah Morgan, would help me much, since I am not in a design-focused field. But I actually loved reading about how to incorporate more visually appealing graphics into my resume. In fact, I felt like this book gave me permission to break from traditional resume formats–which I SO appreciate!–and I have had a great time making my resume visually more appealing.

If you are like me and have no idea where to start, know that Morgan gives very good recommendations for how to incorporate quality, useful graphics in your resume. While I do think that some of the examples are WAY over the top, I can acknowledge that it might make sense for people in other fields to employ more graphics than I would. Plus, there is a lot of good info in here about more basic resume and job search tips, like how to maximize your LinkedIn profile or like what effective but unconventional info you can include on your resume (e.g., short quotes from happy customers).

Ultimately, I think there is something for everybody in here. I really found the book helpful, overall, and I’m excited to see where my new and improved resume takes me!

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